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National Flat Track Racing Association

1133 N. Edwards Wichita Kansas 67203 (316) 943-6929

Dear Fellow Racer,

For well over a decade, Motorcycle dirt track racing has been on the upsurge. Many associations and individuals are responsible for the revival of a legendary part of American racing history. For this, we all owe them our gratitude. The objective of our association is to continue the trend and take the popularity of this great sport to its next level. With your support and participation, together we can create an organization that will provide quality entertainment for its fans while establishing a fair and achievable calendar of events and a pointís competition for its participants at all levels of skill and experience.

Our objective is to create a series of races, centrally located, so that racers can compete for points and race often, yet spend a minimal amount of time away from work or family. With our Friday night Wichita races starting at 8:00 p.m., most racers should have ample time to get there, without loosing a whole day of work. The accompanying Saturday night events will be within a few hours driving distance from the Wichita track and should allow you to return home Sunday with plenty of time to spare.

One of the exciting parts of our program is class structure. The program is structured, so that almost anyone that has a motorcycle will have a class to race in. Amateur classes of 250cc and under will be allowed to run knobby tires. This will give entry-level riders a chance to try this aspect of motorcycle racing before they invest in equipment designed for this specific purpose. We greatly encourage new racers of all ages to compete and will try to accommodate them accordingly.

The most exciting part of our program is the pointís fund. Substantial donations from sponsors, as well as proceeds from the races, will accrue in a fund that will be awarded as cash for pro series riders, as well as awards and gifts for the amateur classes. This will be in addition to the purse and awards paid at each event. When a rider does his best to attend all of the events and works hard to be competitive in the classes he rides, he should be justly acknowledged at the end of the series.

It is our intention to run a safe, consistent and enjoyable event, which will be rewarding for both the riders and fans. Every member will be asked to provide us with a profile of their personal accomplishments, racing history, list of major sponsors and other interesting information, which will be compiled into programs for the spectators and announcer, so that they might better familiarize themselves with the racers. After the races, we encourage the fans to come into the pit area to meet their favorite riders. We hope that riders will take this opportunity to greet the fans, sign autographs, and welcome them to attend the next event. Enthusiastic spectators are the lifeblood of any event. The future of our sport depends on the riderís courteousness and cooperation with the fans.

As an alternative to a monthly newsletter, further information will be posted at www.NFTRA.com.

Membership registration forms, rulebook, and additional race dates will be posted soon. Check this site frequently for new information.

Dedicated to the Preservation of Dirt Track Racing

81 Speedway is a 3/8 mile semi-banked clay oval. It is located near Wichita, Kansas. Take I-135 to exit 16, then travel 7/10 miles west on 77th Street to the track. The track office is (316) 755-1781.

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